Do you know what is stored on  your USB flash drives?

USB EZ Storage

Do you know what is stored on your USB flash drives?

Know what is stored on your flash drive without having to insert each USB flash drive into your laptop!

Introducing the USB Flash Drive Storage Case – the case that helps you keep track of the documents you save on your USB flash drives.​

Example of use of KTech case while plugged into laptop

The KTech USB flash drive storage case helps keep your USB drives and the files stored on those drives more safe and secure.  

The KTech case features a window on the top that allows you to see which USB drive is in the case.  Inside the case is a small note sheet to annotate the contents saved on each specific flash drive.  Using the tether, the USB drive is secured to the KTech case it is stored in, and even when the USB drive is plugged into your laptop, you won’t lose track of which flash drive belongs in which KTech case.  

Labels are also provided on the side and bottom of each case.  KTech cases come in five different colors and are also available in custom colors.  You can even use the different color cases to help organize files.  The KTech cases are also stackable to easily organize all those flash drives.  So, no more wondering what is stored on each USB flash drive.


 Watch the video below to see how the KTech USB Flash Drive Storage Case works!


KTech cases also make an excellent and unique promotional product – we can put your logo on the top of each case. 

Check out our work!

We can place a color label with a company logo on the top of the KTech case.

We can also laser etch company logos on the top of the KTech case.


In stock in multiple colors and custom colors available

Save with volume discounts

Customize with your company logo

3-Year Warranty


Made in the USA!


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